The Importance of Scheduled Service For Your Honda

If you're lucky enough to own a Honda in Oxnard, then you know you're the owner of a great vehicle. Honda vehicles have always been known for their high-quality craftsmanship, great performance, durability, and fuel efficiency. This has been the case with many new Honda cars, Honda SUVs, Honda trucks, and everything else Honda has made. Keeping your Honda in good condition requires taking care of it so it will not just last a long time but also perform as well as possible. It also requires scheduling a service call at DCH Honda of Oxnard so we can help you care for your Honda.

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Here are some services we offer that can help you maintain your Honda near Ventura:

  • Oil and filter change - Motor oil has the important role of keeping your engine lubricated so it runs efficiently. The filter's job is to "filter" out dirt, dust, and other debris that can harm the engine. We can advise you on how often your oil and filter should be changed based on your vehicle's condition.
  • Tires - Having your tires balanced when they're put on the vehicle and rotated regularly will add life to the tires and provide you with a smooth ride around Simi Valley. We can also help you choose tires for your Honda and advise you on any tire maintenance your vehicle needs.
  • Inspection - Having your vehicle inspected prior to the changing of the seasons is the best way to determine if issues are starting so they can be fixed before they become bigger costly issues.
  • Savings - We offer various coupons and sale on many of our automotive services. We want you to keep your Honda in good condition and still save you money.

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When we recommend service maintenance for your Honda, it's because we care. We want to help you keep your Honda in as great of condition as when it was new. We don't schedule the same service calls for all of our customers. We base them on your vehicle and what your vehicle needs.  For more information, please call or contact us online at DCH Honda of Oxnard today!