In that automotive industry, very little is constant. Automakers must continually innovate to improve their designs, or face being swept away by the winds of change. Yet despite the ever-changing landscape of the American auto market, the Honda Accord celebrates its 40th year of sales today. How has this sporty sedan stood the test of time? Surprisingly, it has displayed such extensive longevity by both continually innovating while remaining unwaveringly consistent throughout the years.

Though you may not know it, the Honda Accord actually launched as a subcompact hatchback in 1976. Prior to its release, Honda had been largely known in the American market as a maker of motorcycles, despite its early offering of the Honda Civic. Yet with its competitive value, sporty style, and fun-to-drive dynamics, the Honda Accord made a splash in the U.S. market, and is largely credited to helping Honda pivot into the sphere of full-line automakers. Since its initial release Honda has continually reinvented the Accord through all nine of its generations, adding new features, better safety technology, and more convenience to remain competitive in the broad field of midsize sedans. Yet despite all its change, Honda has maintained the overall theme of the Accord consistently over the course of its four decades: committed to providing an exhilarating driving experience and bold, dynamic styling in a economical and competitive package.

Honda is celebrating the Accord's automotive birthday with a look back through the years on social media channels like Twitter and Youtube. For our part though, we'd like to celebrate by offering you the chance to check out the incomparable Accord for yourself. Stop by DCH Honda of Oxnard for a test drive today!

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