Honda’s new 2017 Ridgeline truck is growing in popularity nationwide. To make sure it markets to the new Ridgeline to as many types of drivers across the United States as possible, Honda is creating advertisements that target specific segments of the population. In Oxnard, California, we have many Hispanic and Spanish-language-speaking drivers. If you are regular viewer of Spanish-language television, you may have the opportunity to see Honda’s latest 2017 Ridgeline commercial called, “No Es Nada,” which is intended for drivers just like you.

Translated literally as, “No Is Nothing,” Honda’s latest advertisement aims to show that nothing is impossible when you are driving a new 2017 Ridgeline truck. The bed of the new Ridgeline, for example, features an available 150W/400W outlet to plug in tools at a job site in Oxnard or a flat-screen T.V. for an ultimate tailgating experience at a 49ers, Raiders, or Chargers football game. In-bed storage in the 2017 Honda Ridgeline, furthermore, gives you the ability to stow away items without taking up space in the bed or cab. Finally, the dual-action tailgate on the new Ridgeline, which opens from the top or side, opens up new possibilities for loading and unloading cargo.

No matter who you are, if you live in Oxnard, California, be sure to visit DCH Honda of Oxnard to see our inventory of 2017 Ridgeline trucks for sale!

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