In its first ever Honda Week of Service in early August, Honda organized 16,000 volunteers to make a difference in communities across the country. Volunteers participated in different community service activities. Some participants worked to refurbish houses by painting the outsides and picking up trash or debris in the surrounding areas. Other notable efforts by volunteers included food drives to fight hunger in underserved neighborhoods.

All told, Honda Week of Service resulted in roughly $75,000 in individual charitable donations. Volunteers also painted and cleaned up 75 homes, helped 200 animals get adopted, and provided school supplies to 2,500 young students. Furthermore, 60,000 cans of food or meals were collected to fight hunger in youth and adults, and as a result, 3,000 families in need were fed.

Since the founding of the company in California in 1959, Honda has been dedicated to serving the communities in which its customers live. At DCH Gardena Honda, we are also committed to helping our local communities in Oxnard, California, such as with our DCH Teen Safe Driving Program and other initiatives.

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